About ICT Business Council of Georgia

ICT Business Council of Georgia is a professional and business association founded by Georgian ICT companies and professionals in 2009. Council was established as an public-private discussion platform for ICT Related reforms in public sector, to initiate e-governance supporting legislation changes in the country, to motivate the Government to implement new electronic services for citizens and business sector, to support public organizations in ICT strategic development, to rise maturity level of ICT Companies and governmental bodies through introduction and sharing of best practices and international standards in the IT governance, IT services management, software development process standardization and modern project management methodologies, to accelerate public and private endeavor for export oriented ICT market growth. ICTBC has supported development of academic courses to increase the cyber and information security level.

One of the prominent successes of the Council is the establishment of the GITI event platform that is widely acknowledged as the most important annual IT event in the region. The goal of the event is to identify the best practices in e-governance and draw attention to innovations that are introduced in public sector and support enhancements in public administration. 

ICT Business Council has become the key platform for sharing experience and best practices of Georgian e-governance internationally. Our consultants are involved in creation of e-governance solutions, development of information and cyber security, and sharing Georgian experience and global best practices in different countries. 

The Council’s strengths are its ability to access and mobilize a wide pool of Georgian experts, vendor independent approach, strong knowledge of international standards and experience in adopting them to Georgian context, organizational motivation to support the development of e- governance in Georgia through implementation of successful international practices. 

We believe that our experience will bring utmost benefit not only to the customer but to all stakeholders.

Projects implemented

Audit of the information technology infrastructure and software asset management of Georgian judicial system 

Assessment of current state of information security practice ; Audit of the key IT systems and resources including data center, hardware, and network; Audit of the existing software, including Case Management Software; Audit of the Case Management Software in terms of its compliance with rules and regulations stipulated by Georgian legislation as well as established national (Data Exchange Agency cert.gov.ge) and international (ISACA, ISO, EUGDPR, US-CERT etc.) standards and best practices; Audit of supporting software and hardware products (office software, audio and video recording systems, etc.) and their influence on the overall performance of IT infrastructure (servers, network, hardware and software); Audit of Network management and security and their compliance with established national (Data Exchange Agency cert.gov.ge) and international (ISACA, ISO, EUGDPR, US-CERT etc.) standards and best practices; Audit of IT business processes, including an organizational structure, human resources and procedures to ensure a controlled and efficient environment for information processing and their compliance with established national (Data Exchange Agency cert.gov.ge) and international (ISACA, ISO, EUGDPR, US-CERT etc.) standards and best practices.

IT Management Assessment (ITSM) for the Ministry of Finance of Georgia

ICT Business Council provided the IT Management Assessment Service to Ministry of Finance of Georgia to evaluate the IT technical Infrastructure, processes, and organization relative to industry best practices. The ITM Assessment identified vulnerable areas and defined the critical actions necessary to improve IT services at the ministry. Major Deliverables provided to Ministry of Finance: Audit results of IT assessment including ITSM Gap Analysis relative to best practices and CMM rating assignment; a prioritized list of the actions and project descriptions for IT Management process improvement; a high-level transition project plan to implement the above recommendations.

Development of Automated Case Allocation System for General Courts of Georgia

project team members participated in creation of business processes and software module development for automated case allocation for general courts. The team member participation was based on the Government of Georgia’s resolution #145 dated March 23, 2017.

Creation of Georgian Law on Information Security and relative Normative Acts 

Our team was involved in development of the Law and relative legal acts, as well as minimal standards for information security, and requirement for information security audit, etc. Information and Cyber security development in Georgia were ranked #8 among 193 countries in the ITU’s 2017 Global Cyber Security index. (https://www.itu.int/dms_pub/itu-d/opb/str/D-STR-GCI.01-2017-R1- PDF-E.pdf)

Information Security Implementation and Audit

Our team members were actively involved in introduction and implementation of information security systems in various governmental organizations (LEPL National Agency of Public Registry, LEPL Public Services Development Agency, LEPL Smart Logic, Ministry of Justice), and also involved in information security audit processes (Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, LEPL 112, Central Election Commission, etc.)

Cyber Security System Reliance Analysis 

Our team has conducted analysis of systems resistance against cyber security threats for various governmental and commercial organizations.

Development of Data Exchange Infrastructure 

This is the main infrastructure for information exchange and information systems connectivity in public sector.

Our team experts have participated in establishment of successful IT infrastructures in such organizations as LEPL National Agency of Public Registry, LEPL Data Exchange Agency.

Our team experts have developed number of information systems that are prominent examples of public reforms in Georgia, some examples are LEPL Public Registry’s Property and Business Registration, LELP State Procurement Agency’s electronic procurement system, LEPL National Bureau of Enforcement’s Case Management System, Notary Chamber’s e-Notary System, Data Exchange Agencies Citizen Portal, Government of Georgia’s Electronic Petition System, etc.

Tbilisi city hall – service providing organization audit, 2015. 

Audit of the City Hall as service providing organization, Audit of e-Services and its supporting Systems and giving the recommendations. Recommendations issued: Service Accessibility; Geographic information system (GIS) related; Infrastructure Architecture; Information System; IT department Org Chart.

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources 

Audit of Environmental Geographical Data Processing System for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Project Result: A document describing business processes of structural subdivisions within the system that generate and / or use geographical information; An analysis of the requirements for the Geo Information System; A document describing the technical specifications of the necessary equipment for the implementation of the project;