About the GITI

The motto of the event is “Partnerships for Competitiveness, Innovation and Cyber Security”. The major objective is to establish and promote effective partnerships among the public and the private sectors, associations, academia, and other IT&T industry-related organizations in the Central and East Europe, Baltic States, Caucasus, and Middle Asia region to promote competitiveness, innovation, and security.

Background in Brief

History in Brief

The conference is the region’s one of the most influential events in the field of ICT and IT innovations. Through the years, the conference has been a vital opportunity for high-profile experts from diverse backgrounds in the ICT field and cyber security to establish professional relationships and served as a platform for the formation of international cooperation. In previous events, speakers and panelists included leading experts and decision-makers from a sizable number of countries who specialize in various fields of e -industry, as well as colleagues from Governmental and non-governmental institutions. Participants at our previous conferences have included current and former ministers, heads of security agencies, top-level managers of local and international business institutions, professional experts in the field of ICT, businessmen, and other distinguished guests.


The region should take the benefit of information and communication technologies (ICT) and IT innovation as an enabling tool to deliver economic growth and acceleration in productivity. During this event, we shall see how to maximize the economic gains from ICT and seek to identify the critical success factors that policymakers and managers must address to improve the rewards of ICT since economic growth in developed countries is strongly linked to ICT development.

Development in the IT sector makes a distinct impact on the nation. Georgia has already entered the e-era which needs strategic support and impetus from various sectors. A number of sectors that need fostering are e-commerce, e-governance, e-services, e-learning, and others. We have to save time, money, and effort, which can be utilized for the development of the nation in the present stage of transition to build a progressive, developed economically strong community.

Georgia and all countries in the region are in the emerging state of digital transformation. Potential support, technical advice, and plans for strengthening the financial structure are fundamental necessities for a successful digital transformation of Georgia and the next digital Caucasus and digital Region. GovTech, FinTech, introducing new emerging technologies helps transparent administration, economic development, and the development of people.

The current event will pay special attention to the best practices of digital transformation, the Open Government concept, and information and cyber security.

Therefore, the ICT Business Council of Georgia, with support of Ministry of economy and sustainable development of Georgia are organizing the 13th annual Regional Information Technology and Cyber Security Event (Conference / Exhibition / Award) in December 11-12, 2023 in Tbilisi.

The purpose of this conference is to reflect the significance of information technology in terms of creating an engine of growth for the socio-economic development of the Region; network with stakeholders and build awareness regarding IT and Cyber Security importance among high-level governmental officials, and private sector representatives and the society at large. Our distinguished panel of keynote speakers will bring a diverse set of insights on different advancements in digital transformation and IT innovations around the world.

The purpose of the award ceremony is to credit governmental and private entities for good work and best practices and encourage them and others to invest their time and energy in digital transformation.

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