GITI Award Competition

The purpose of the award ceremony is to credit governmental and private entities for good work and best practices and encourage them and others to invest their time and energy in digital transformation.

Projects submission to GITI2022 competition is closed.

Nominations of the IT Competition

Governmental Sector

  1. The most widely applicable e-service created by a governmental agency that is convenient to use, is functionally refined, has high-quality service support and can easily be expanded by using simple mechanisms.

  2. The most successful IT innovation which resulted in streamlining of a business process, is creative and has simplified procedures, reduced the steps to be taken and brought economic welfare to the country at large.

  3. The most successful infrastructural solution that has been implemented according to high-level standards and is easily sustainable, secure and of high-quality production.

  4. The best IT management entity that has clear organizational structure, has logically disseminated responsibilities and duties of the employees, is distinguished by the clarity of the procedures and operates flawlessly.

  5. The best Information Security management entity, which owns clearly established structural, procedural and technological means and implements best practices in this direction in the best manner.

  6. The best IT project proposal that depicts most innovative idea and is already thought through in details. The purpose of this nomination is to identify the best project and help find ways to finance it.

Business Sector

  1. The best digital transformation of the organization of the year, having a positive impact on the achievement of the strategic goals of this organization.

  2. The best complex business solution that includes software, hardware and infrastructure components and means of successfully solving the tasks at hand.

  3. Best IT startup of the year.

  4. Software / Digital Service of the year that has been produced and distributed.

  5. The best provider of high quality, up-to-date IT education.

  6. The best Information/Cyber Security solution / Project the implementation of which brought about substantial improvement from the point of information/cyber security

  7. Integrator of the year